Virtual Cattle Show

The Australian Miniature Hereford Breeders Network Inc., is holding a Virtual Cattle Show for Miniature Herefords via the internet next autumn.   Entries are invited from interested breeders/owners/enthusiasts and there are already a number of people on both sides of the Tasman as well as further afield overseas wanting to take part.

The AMHBN is an incorporated society fully recognised by HAL (Herefords Australia Ltd) and thinks this would be a good way to showcase stock as well as promote the breeding of Miniature Herefords.   This is especially the case for those who live too far away from any show centres or have no means of getting to one.   The first show will be purely for fun – no entry fees and no prizes apart from place recognitions but with international interest in it plans are in place for more serious competition in the future while retaining the fun element.   Judges will be selected from both Australia and New Zealand.

The animals can be prepared as if for a live show (unless you are lucky enough to have ones that stay clean) although the emphasis will be on “natural” condition.

Except for classes 10 and 11 animals must be registered as Herefords with either HAL or NZHA (or the overseas equivalent) and be of a Frame Score 1 or less in order to qualify for entry.

A sample Show Schedule can be seen here along with helpful hints for animal preparation and photography. Official entry forms will be sent out as soon as they are finalised.   With new calves of the season on the ground this gives plenty of time to start taking photos.

For further enquiries contact Janet Poole on