Will Cattle Pour-On Affect My Dung Beetles?

May 1998
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The NRA has reviewed the registrations of the macrocyclic lactones: ivermectin, abamectin, moxidectin, doramectin and milbemycin in terms of the effects of these products on dung insects and dung degradation in Australia, and label claims in relation to these effects.


  • From this review, the NRA has concluded that there is no clear evidence to indicate that any of the macrocyclic lactone products have a long term detrimental effect on dung beetle populations or dung disappearance rates in the field in Australian conditions, although different products may have differing short term effects, and differing toxicities to dung beetle larvae.
  • It is also concluded that there is insufficient data to substantiate broadly based claims of safety to dung beetles in Australian field conditions, as currently contained on some labels, but that labels might be able to be varied in such a way as to contain instructions which accurately reflect the data available for a particular product.
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