Miniature Herefords at the Berwick Show, Victoria, Australia

Here are some photos of Alison Livermore & John Murphy at their very first show ( Berwick Show)

  • Joy Waters went over (from Tasmania) to Victoria to help them with their miniature Herefords; they washed and clipped the day before which was a lovely sunny day.
  • The day of the show it rained & rained, but Alison got up early and said we are going, so off we went, and the miniature Herefords didn’t need show coat polish that day.
  • We got to the show grounds and we were the only Miniature cattle breed there, but the show must go on.
  • The rain didn’t stop so the show committee moved all the tables and chairs out of the food tent, so we could parade in the tent( couldn’t do that will standard Herefords).
  • Well all the judging was done and ribbons wrapped around all cattle taken to show.
  • After the judging Noelle King gave Alison & John a handling lesson using their miniature Herefords, with other looking on and learning.  Noelle teaches Victorian junior handlers. Well worth doing the show just for that, the cattle took it all in their stride.

Well done Alison & John for persisting with the weather on the day and having such lovely miniature Herefords.

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Alison and John are taking their team of Miniature Herefords to the Pakenham Show and a 3 day field day in March.

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