Webinar Course : “Know Your Genes”

Session 2 : Utilising DNA for Parentage Verification

June 27th

For those that haven’t already registered,there is still time to register for the second session in the free webinar course titled “Know Your Genes”. This session will be held on June 27th and will discuss the utilisation of DNA for parentage verification. The webinar will be presented by staff from SBTS & TBTS, with leading Beef CRC scientists in attendance to answer questions and contribute to discussion.

To register for this session, simply follow the instructions on the webinars page on the SBTS website (click here). You do not need to have attended previous sessions to attend this webinar.

Important Note: For those that were not able to attend the webinar session on June 20th titled “DNA Technology – Understanding theBasics”, a copy of the webinar can now be viewed from the webinars page on the SBTS website (click here).This presentation is quite large and so may not be suitable for viewing via all internet connections. If you are having trouble viewing the file, please email SBTS

One thought on “Webinar Course : “Know Your Genes”

  1. I recommend this series of Webinars if the first one is anything to go on. Informative, easy to follow, well presented. I am looking forward to the next five.

    Janet Poole – New Zealand.

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