The Cutting Edge – Webinar Course

Comprised of 6 one hour presentations delivered via the internet during August and September, the webinar course was facilitated by staff from Southern Beef Technology Services (SBTS) & Tropical Beef Technology Services (TBTS), and presented by senior beef industry scientists from the Beef CRC. The webinar course was well attended with a total audience of over 500 people and 250 individual seedstock enterprises.

The topics presented during the webinar course included:

  1. Genetics for Reproduction – The Female Influence
  2. Genetics for Reproduction – The Male Influence
  3. Relationship between Body Composition and Calving Rate
  4. Effect of Genetic Differences in Fat and Net Feed Intake on Efficiency of Weaner Production
  5. The Beef CRC DNA test for Growth, Feed Efficiency, Carcase and Reproductive Performance
  6. The Australian DNA Test for the Polled Gene

All presentations in the “The Cutting Edge” webinar course can now be viewed from the webinars page on the SBTS ( and TBTS ( websites.
From either the SBTS or TBTS homepage, select “Webinars” from the left hand menu and then click on the title of the presentation that is of interest.

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