Winswood Miniature Herefords

Our journey with Mini’s started many years ago when we were living on a 30 acre property and I was looking for a project. I’d bred horses but that’s a mugs game, however I loved the anticipation and expectation around a new baby animal and watching youngsters grow and thrive. I saw an ad in Small Farms magazine for Miniature Herefords, made contact with Joy Walters at Boomer Creek Stud in Tasmania, and knew I’d found a fun and rewarding thing to do.

We have since moved to a 325 acre property and our little herd has expanded. We have 35 breeders, carry 2 bulls, and a collection of steers for the family’s freezers. We have sold cattle to VIC, SA, QLD and NSW and now know people we’ve never met, but correspond with regularly, over half of Australia. We run mostly mini’s but in a long term genetic diversification program we invested in 8 Classic Herefords and we’ve been putting our small bulls over them. Size is pretty easy to manipulate and we have some beautiful G1 heifers in our lovely herd.

Small Herefords have been a marvelous interest for me and each year I get to experience that anticipation and expectation that new life brings. The learnings never stop, and I’m supported by a great group of like-minded people. The demand for these amenable, quiet and friendly little cows is way beyond supply and there is a need for new studs. Many of our buyers are repeat business as people try a couple of animals to start with, then increase their herds as their experience and expertise grows. This is the ideal way to get into breeding and the AMHBN can help connect buyers with studs with bull hire or purchase options, upcoming heifer and cow sales and sometimes semen for A.I.