Starter Herd For Sale

FOR SALE Two PTIC heifers and a PP Bull, all registered with Herefords Australia as stud animals.

Ideally these three will be sold together as a starter herd as the heifers’ progeny will be unrelated to Salvo, and any heifers born could be retained to breed with Salvo as well.  As a package $11,000.

Located High Range NSW.  Will be sold only to the best of homes where ample grazing acreage and suitable fencing is assured.  Ramp for ease of loading.  Contact Susan Tankard 0439 333 800

HEIFERS (PTIC):  Shady Creek JACINDA and Shady Creek JAZZ are two rising two year old heifers in calf to our working bull, Taraloo Patrick. They will be pregnancy tested mid January and should calve early September 2023. These heifers are Generation 2 Miniature Herefords bred by a respected mini Hereford stud, Shady Creek Herefords in Eastern Victoria. $2600 each to be sold together.

Shady Creek Jacinda
Shady Creek Jazz
Taraloo Patrick in the middle

BULL: Fiddlewood SALVATORE 14 month old homozygous polled bull (PP). Ready for work within a few months. Born 29 November 2021. Sire Boomer Creek Stuart / Dam Apple Gully Molly. Lovely placid temperament and will answer to his name (Salvo). Enjoys a good scratch on the whither and rump while enjoying a bucket of chaff and pellets. $6500

Fiddlewood Salvo

Fiddlewood Salvo
Sire Boomer Creek Stuart