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Bring your best beef

THE Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) is calling for entries to the 2013 Royal Melbourne Show Beef Cattle and Carcase Competition, with entry forms available online for the first time.

This year’s feature breed is the Hereford, which will include Herefords, Poll Herefords and Miniature Herefords.

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Bridgewater High students with their miniature Herefords

Bridgewater High students with their miniature Herefords

Royal Melbourne Show

The Miniature Herefords will be judged on Fri 27th Sept 2013. Now, who’s coming to join the party????!!

Start training those animals! Use the Virtual Show as a practice run!

Canberra Royal 2013

Photos of Jack Byran showing his mini Herefords at the Canberra Royal

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Beef Cattle Showmanship

Showmanship is more than entering the show arena during the fair or livestock show! It includes all the hard work that exhibitors put into their project from the day they purchase their animal. Showmanship is defined as the ability to present your animal to the best of it’s genetic ability. Many factors enter into the equation for a successful showman, including proper nutrition, halter-breaking, and daily care and grooming.

Celina R. Johnson and Brett Kaysen
Colorado State University

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Clipping and Grooming Cattle on Show Day
Robert Groom shares tips and techniques for halter-breaking calves and cattle at the NY Beef Center at the New York Farm Show.
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Celina R. Johnson

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Cattle Judging – what the judges look for – click here