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At our recent AGM we voted a change to the executive. Our new President is Nathan Nixon, Secretary is Alison Livermore and Treasurer is Dianne Davey. Alison and Dianne are Publicity Officers. The remainder of the positions will be listed in the Minutes which will be included in the next newsletter.

One very important outcome from the AGM are our first ever life memberships. Awarded to Julie Stott and Joy Walters, the executive and those present felt their outstanding and diligent contributions to the AMHBN should be recognised. Congratulations and our heartfelt thanks to you both for your extraordinary achievements in respect to breed development and sheer hard work regards the association. The new generation of Miniature Hereford breeders have an easy task because of your expertise and commitment to excellence, and a robust and growing association to take us forward into an exciting future.

Happy end of 2017, Christmas and the SUMMER newsletter is nearly ready to be posted to AMHBN members.

Mini Herefords in the paddock

Mini Herefords for sale

Many of our members have mini Herefords for sale, both horned and polled. There is also some miniature Hereford semen for sale.

Please check out our For Sale page here

You can see details of what semen is for sale here

Mini Herefords in the paddock

Mini Herefords in the paddock

AMHBN Handout

This is a copy of the handout our members have to use when they are attending shows, fairs and field days. Click on the image to download a PDF of the handout.


Champion of Miss World entries

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Champion of the World – Bull entries

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The results are in … Mini Hereford virtual show 2013


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We have listed the First placegetters here, for the complete list and photos click here

Class 1. Cow 3 yrs and over with calf at foot.
1st – No. 6. B. & D. Davey (Shady Creek – Victoria, Australia)
Boomer Creek Meredith with Shady Creek Bruno

Class 2.  2 yr old female with/without calf at foot
1st – No. 57.  A. Livermore (Winswood – Victoria, Australia)
Winswood Annie

Class 3.  Yearling Heifer
1st – No. 26.  C. & S. Williams (WW Ranch – Texas, USA)
WW Cinderella Sampson

Class 4.  Heifer Calf
1st – No. 27.  C. & S. Williams (WW Ranch – Texas, USA)
WW Hazel Sampson

Class 5.  Senior Bull – 3 yrs and over
1st – No. 36.  D. Warner (Paragon – Western Australia)
Paragon Lord Charles

Class 6.  Junior Bull – 2 yrs
1st – No. 9.  B. & D. Davey (Shady Creek – Victoria, Australia)
Boomer Creek Nebraska

Class 7.  Yearling Bull
1st – No. 10.  B & D. Davey (Shady Creek – Victoria, Australia)
Shady Creek Alto

Class 8.  Bull Calf
1st – No. 30.  C. & S. Williams (WW Ranch – Texas, USA)
WW Joyful Jude

Class 9. Group (Male(s) and Female(s)
1st – No. 87.  A. & J. Hargrove (Grovenorth – Northland, New Zealand)

Class 10 – Scenic.
1st – No. 34.  Denise Warner (Paragon) – Littlefoot Princess and friends.

Matriarch Littlefoot Princess and friends

Matriarch Littlefoot Princess and friends

Class 11 – Entertainment
1st –  No.95 – Joy & Colin Walters (Boomer Creek) – “Give Us a Kiss you COW”

Give us a kiss you COW

Give us a kiss you COW

Class 12 – Favourite Photo
1st – No. 22 – Joan & Bob Massengale (Iti Biti Acres) – “Oh Goody, a new Playmate”

A new playmate

A new playmate

Judges comments – click here (coming soon 🙂 )