The results are in … Mini Hereford virtual show 2013


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We have listed the First placegetters here, for the complete list and photos click here

Class 1. Cow 3 yrs and over with calf at foot.
1st – No. 6. B. & D. Davey (Shady Creek – Victoria, Australia)
Boomer Creek Meredith with Shady Creek Bruno

Class 2.  2 yr old female with/without calf at foot
1st – No. 57.  A. Livermore (Winswood – Victoria, Australia)
Winswood Annie

Class 3.  Yearling Heifer
1st – No. 26.  C. & S. Williams (WW Ranch – Texas, USA)
WW Cinderella Sampson

Class 4.  Heifer Calf
1st – No. 27.  C. & S. Williams (WW Ranch – Texas, USA)
WW Hazel Sampson

Class 5.  Senior Bull – 3 yrs and over
1st – No. 36.  D. Warner (Paragon – Western Australia)
Paragon Lord Charles

Class 6.  Junior Bull – 2 yrs
1st – No. 9.  B. & D. Davey (Shady Creek – Victoria, Australia)
Boomer Creek Nebraska

Class 7.  Yearling Bull
1st – No. 10.  B & D. Davey (Shady Creek – Victoria, Australia)
Shady Creek Alto

Class 8.  Bull Calf
1st – No. 30.  C. & S. Williams (WW Ranch – Texas, USA)
WW Joyful Jude

Class 9. Group (Male(s) and Female(s)
1st – No. 87.  A. & J. Hargrove (Grovenorth – Northland, New Zealand)

Class 10 – Scenic.
1st – No. 34.  Denise Warner (Paragon) – Littlefoot Princess and friends.

Matriarch Littlefoot Princess and friends

Matriarch Littlefoot Princess and friends

Class 11 – Entertainment
1st –  No.95 – Joy & Colin Walters (Boomer Creek) – “Give Us a Kiss you COW”

Give us a kiss you COW

Give us a kiss you COW

Class 12 – Favourite Photo
1st – No. 22 – Joan & Bob Massengale (Iti Biti Acres) – “Oh Goody, a new Playmate”

A new playmate

A new playmate

Judges comments – click here (coming soon 🙂 )

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