Boomer Creek Miniature Poll Herefords Dispersal

Boomer Creek Miniature Poll Herefords Dispersal.

After 21 years of breeding these fantastic little cattle our time has come to move on to other commitments . It is with great sadness having to sell these lovely cattle.

We have 7 registered weaner Heifers and some cows in calf to go.

Prices for weaner heifers $1,400 plus GST

Cows in calf $2,400 plus GST. Due August 28th 2018 calving starting dates.

All have been vaccinated 7-in-1 Drenched Pour- on.

Phone or email Joy Walters

Phone 0429860229


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Benscroft Miniature Herefords bull for sale

Apple Gully Miniature Herefords and the Summer of 2018

Summer 2017-18 can only be described as a stinker! Day after day of 36ºC +  and some nights where the temperature only dropped down to a balmy 27ºC.  And this is the Southern Highlands, the land of  green pastures, pleasant days and cool evenings in Summer. We would be forgiven for thinking we’d  moved to White Cliffs ( no offence,  White Cliffs, it’s just that out there you know what to expect in Summer.) This was topped off with well below average rainfall and days of hot westerly winds. The result, pasture stopped growing around Christmas and steadily dried off. This lead to one big problem – hungry cattle. Even though Herefords are considered good ‘doers’ they were starting to lose some condition.

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An Apply Gully cow and her calf

Palisade Miniature Herefords

A bit dry, but doing well