Book Reviews

Small Cattle for Small Farms by Margo Hayes This is a fantastic resource for the person considering getting into cattle for the first time, or for refreshing knowledge. Written in Australia, it has a wealth of information that is clearly explained and easily understood. There are plenty of pictures and diagrams supporting the text and it covers most subjects in sufficient detail without overwhelming the reader. As an initial purchase for your library, this is an excellent book.

Storey’s Guide to Raising Beef Cattle This is a great reference book for those who have started their small cattle journey and are ready to further their knowledge. More in depth, and written in America, ii covers more subjects than the previous book and goes into greater detail. A very handy book to have on your shelves.

Temple Grandin’s Guide to Working With Farm Animals This is a hugely valuable resource and if you only buy 2 books, this one and Margo Hayes books are the ones I’d recommend. Temple Grandin is considered a ‘’cow whisperer’’ and she gives useful insights into bovine thought processes and how to understand your cattle so that moving them, yarding them, sorting them becomes a skill rather than a struggle. This book will help you observe the dynamics within a herd and therefore understand your animals better. Anything written by Grandin is interesting and logical but this book is perfectly written for the smaller herd owner.