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Contact Australian Miniature Hereford Breeders Network for an email to be sent to all our members asking if they have animals for sale (not all of them have websites)


The following members have animals for sale


  • Apple Gully Miniature Herefords (NSW) – click here for details. Several bulls,cows, steers and calves for sale
  • Taraloo Miniature Herefords (NSW) – For Sale – Bulls, Cows in calf and a heifer (February 2019). More details on Facebook page here
  • Tony & Marg Waugh (NSW). Ph 0412950722, – 3 poll yearling heifers for sale
  • Tim Fishburn (NSW), Contact: Pedigree can be looked up on the HAL website:-Winswood Errol

South Australia

  • Koorama Miniature Herefords (South Australia) – click here for details.
  • Hayden & Roshanna Bull (South Australia) Contact Roshanna 0400 121 726. Hayden 0418812334. Heifers for sale


  • Rob Moffitt (Tasmania) Contact on 0438 137 159 for more information. Cows, Heifer and heifer calves for sale.


  • Shady Creek Miniature Herefords (Victoria) – click here for details. Bulls for sale (Nov 2018)
  • Winswood Miniature Herefords (Victoria)- click here for details. Cows, bulls and semen for sale (Nov 2018)
  • Alan Costello (Victoria) has cattle for sale (February 2019) details here – contact Allen by Ph 03 5983 2271,Mob Alan 0412 549 994, e-mail

Miniature Hereford Semen For Sale – details here

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