Being a member of the Australian Miniature Hereford Breeders Network means supporting the world’s most versatile cattle breed. Australian Miniature Hereford Breeders Network aims:

  • to promote miniature Hereford beef and to develop group marketing strategies.
  • to encourage collaboration and shared learning
  • collect and disseminate information of relevance to cattle producers

A financial AMHBN member is entitled to:

  1. receive a mailed copy of the AMHBN seasonal newsletter, 4 copies per year
  2. link their property to the AMHBN website
  3. voting at the AGM, held in May each year
  4. benefit from AMHBN advertising in Small Farms magazine
  5. keep in contact with other Miniature Hereford breeders via phone, email and chat sessions.

The Australian Miniature Hereford Breeders Network Inc follows the international standards with regard to the classification of miniature Herefords.


A person is eligible to be a member of the Australian Miniature Hereford Breeders Network Inc if:

  1. the person is a natural person, and
  2. the person has been nominated and approved for membership of the association in accordance with clause 3, (NB if you are unable to locate an existing member, still send in your application – if you are ineligible for membership, all monies will be returned) and
  3. the person owns at least one Miniature Hereford, male or female, or Miniature Hereford semen or a Miniature Hereford embryo, which are registered or eligible to be registered with Herefords Australia (HAL).

Joining Fee: $35

Annual Subscription: $50 ( 1st January to 31st December ) with payment due by 30th February each year.

Total amount due when joining is $85

Click here to download a membership application

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