Registered Breeders

Below is a list of our current members who are breeding registered Miniature Herefords. Feel free to directly contact your nearest breeder to make enquiries or click on the link to send an enquiry email to all of our members Email:

New South Wales

Diane Davis: Blayney NSW

Diane Davis 0438 225 409

Fiddlewood Farm Miniature Herefords: High Range, Southern Highlands NSW

Susan Tankard 0439 333 800
Instagram: Fiddlewood Farm
We are a small farm of 110 acres and a ‘herdlette’ of 8 girls and Patrick the gorgeous bull.  We are due to start calving and will have up to six weaners available April/May 2023.

Poppy’s Farm: Marulan NSW

Stephen Higham 0400 067 443

Marvilles Farm, Oberon

Allyna Neville 0401 837 504

Julie Stott: Life Member
Access Julies Website here.


Frisky Midgets Miniature Herefords, Yarwun, Central Qld

Mathew and Tegan Grant 0413 075 763
Facebook Frisky Midgets
A small start-up herd with no calves available until mid 2023

Hinterland Miniature Herefords, Sunshine Coast, Qld

Tom and Amy Gray 0432 510 341
Facebook: Hinterland Mini Herefords
Instagram: Hinterland Mini Herefords
Heifers, Bulls and Steers available periodically. Please contact to express interest in upcoming available stock.

Sandrian Park Miniature Herefords, Gatton, SE Qld

Sandra Bogun and Adrian George 0466 717 657
Instagram: sandrianpark
Calving starts in May 2023.  All female calves are currently retained as we work to build our herd numbers.  To read more about Sandrian Park click here.

South Australia

Bullford Miniature Herefords, Balaklava, SA

Roshanna and Hayden Bull 0418 812 334 / 0400 121 726
Facebook BullfordFarm

VonGlen AG, Waitpinga, Fleurieu Penninsula, SA

Mel and Scott Huxtable 0448 789 342
Facebook VonGlenAgFarms
Instagram VonGlenAg
We have poll and horned miniature Herefords with calving normally between September and December each year.  For information on purchasing calves please contact us.


Benscroft Miniature Herefords: Henrietta NW Tas

Phil and Linda Gardner 0419 376 890 / 0417 314 578
Facebook Benscroft Miniature Herefords 
Currently running 15-20 breeding cows with two bulls.  November/December calving. To read more about Benscroft click here.

Boomer Creek: Boomer Creek, Tas

Joy and Colin Walters (lifetime members) 0429 860 229
Website boomercreek

Little Things Farm: Deloraine, Tas

Lesley & Liam Richards 0407 751 762


Caruso Farms: Lake Boga, VIC

Bridget Caruso 0418 059 7775
A small stud just starting out we will not have stock for sale until 2023.

Devine Cattle Company: Naree Warren, VIC

Heath Devine 0413 264 048

Shady Creek Miniature Herefords: Nilma, VIC

Brian and Dianne Davey 0423 425 742
Website: Shady Creek Miniature Herefords

Tulum Gully: Balnarring, VIC

Michele Smith 0418 589 030
Instagram: Tulumgully
Tulum Gully is a Registered Miniature Hereford Breeder on the Mornington Peninsula.  Read more about Tulum Gully here.

Winswood Miniature Herefords: Woodside North, South Gippsland VIC

Alison Livermore 0351 891 238 / 0428 369 000
Website: winswoodminis
Calving is in March and September.  We have miniature and classic Herefords.  To read more about Winswood Miniature Herefords click here.

Carl & Kelly McKenzie: Warnambool VIC

Carl and Kelly 0438 186 253 / 0407 751 762

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