2012 Miniature Herefords Virtual Cattle Show

Welcome to the second Virtual Cattle Show for Miniature Herefords.

Although entries were slow to start coming in there are many more than last year which is encouraging.   One person had to pull out reluctantly when her computer refused to co-operate with recording photos.    However, when that is remedied she is going to start photographing her animals for next year’s Show.   By the end of May 2013 she will have a good collection to select from.   This sounds like a really good idea for us all rather than racing around at the last minute trying to find suitable photos, me included!

Entries have come from Scotland, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.   Receiving and sorting the photos into their Class categories has been a lot of fun as has communicating with competitors wanting to know more.   The AMHBN website (www.amhbn.com ) now has these in place for viewing and judging will start shortly.   Class Twelve, Viewers’ Choice, has the ballot system set up to be used when you are ready, you are only allowed one vote, so please view all the photos before choosing.   Many thanks to Julie Stott for her expertise here.

All the classes can be viewed by clicking on the following links:

The class where YOU can vote is the Viewers Choice – you can vote NOW by clicking on the following link

Feedback on how you found the methods and criteria for entering this Show is welcomed so, if necessary, it can be adapted to become more user friendly for next year.   Some people have been slightly daunted by the procedures which have been based on typical live show requirements so any simplification ideas will be considered.    It would be great to see the number of entries increase over time so that communication among Miniature Hereford Breeders throughout the world can become an interesting and worthwhile outcome.

Thank you to all who have entered this novel competition.   Now, after all your hard work, relax and enjoy the Show from your most comfortable position.

Janet Poole,