Virtual Show 2020 Other Classes

Class 9 Group, Males and Females
Bull & Cows drink time Its 5 o’clock somewhere

Phil & Linda Gardner: Benscroft Miniature Herefords, 2547 Murchison HWY, Henrietta Tas
Comments: A good group of three

Heifers and steers enjoying some hay!

Dianne & Brian Davey, Shady Creek Miniature Herefords, 155 Nilma Shady Creek Rd, Nilma, 3821
Comments, would have liked to see more defined heads and bodies.

First Benscroft, Second Shady Creek

Class 10 Scenic Photo
First Benscroft



Class 11 Entertainment Photo
First Benscroft “I am a Lion”

Second Sandrian Park Can you ask you mum if you can play

Third Sandrian Park Who are you looking at

Class 12 Favourite photo of a Miniature Hereford(s)
Most favourite Sandrian Park I love you mum.

However all photos should be displayed in some form of media as they all promote the breed, and really what one sees as a good photo, another pops up.

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