February 2022 Meeting Vaginal Prolapse

Vaginal Prolapse

One of our members had an issue with a reasonably young cow of 6 years on her fourth pregnancy showing signs of a Vaginal Prolapse.

It was only apparent when she was lying down and retracted fully when she stood up.  As the area was not exposed all of the time the vet advised that intervention was not needed unless it got worse.  If the area is exposed all of the time the chance of the vaginal walls getting scratched and infected was high and in that case the cow would need a stitch to hold the vagina closed and this stich would need to be removed just prior to the calf being born.

Several other members have had instances of this kind of prolapse, usually in much older cattle but occasionally in quite young animals.

Once a prolapse has occurred the animal should be culled from the herd as it would only get worse with each pregnancy and it was considered better to send a healthy animal to the works than subject her to invasive procedures to get another calf out of her and potentially lose the cow and calf at a later date.

Some causes of a prolapse can be the cow getting too fat, an over large calf or a genetic pre disposition to it occurring.

A Vaginal Prolapse happens before a calf is born, there is a much scarier condition that can occur during birth which is a Uterine Prolapse.  Look this up on google and hope you never see it any other place.

A week after this photograph was taken the cow delivered a healthy bull calf in the region of 26kg.  Her second calf went 10 days overdue and was close to 29kg.  The two calves in-between were much small calves in the region of 23kg.

Vaginal Prolapse