September Meeting – Dung Beetles

Below is a short summary of the discussion we had on Dung Beetles following Winswood Farm purchasing 1000 Winter Active beetles. 

Dung beetles very efficiently bury dung into the ground which has multiple benefits.

  • Opening up the ground allowing greater water penetration
  • Burying manure so it is better utilised to fertilise your paddocks rather than fouling your grazing, this also deposits nitrogen in the soil rather than it dissipating on the surface
  • It reduces places for worms and flies to breed which in turn reduces the need for drenches

Dung beetles all have a defined active stage when adults are flying, mating, burying dung and laying eggs when conditions are suited to the particular beetle.  It can be from a few weeks to a few months depending on temperatures and moisture levels. 

The aim would be to have a population of many different types of beetles on your farm that are active during all of the seasons of the year

You can monitor current activity of beetles already present on your farm and send away beetles for positive identification.  When you identify times of the year that there is no or low beetle activity you can then buy in beetles to fill the gap. 

By following the links on the website, you can find stockists of beetles in your area and more in-depth information on dung beetles.