Virtual Cattle Show for Miniature Herefords 2012

The Australian Miniature Hereford Breeders Network Inc., held a Virtual Cattle Show for Miniature Herefords via the internet in June, 2011.   The results for that show can be seen here . Because the show was a great success AMHBN has decided to hold another one this year.

Details of the Virtual Cattle Show for Miniature Herefords 2012 can be seen here

The AMHBN is an incorporated society fully recognised by HAL (Herefords Australia Ltd) and thinks this would be a good way to showcase stock as well as promote the breeding of Miniature Herefords.   This is especially the case for those who live too far away from any show centres or have no means of getting to one.

Check list before sending your entries

  1. completed entry form
  2. completed height certificate (if required)
  3. photos included and identified

All entries are to be sent to Janet Poole at

Mail Address (New Zealand):

Janet Poole
738 Oparakau Rd,
Matakohe 0594,

Show Grooming Tips (as required when you are attending a ‘live’ show) are not required for the virtual show – photos of your animals standing in the paddock from 3 angles is all that is required, as shown below.

This document ‘explains’ some judge’s comments you may hear! Click here for the document.