Class 1, Senior cow 3 years and over with own calf/calve at foot

Class 1, Senior cow 3 years and over with own calf/calve at foot
A very good class of cows which was extremely difficult to make comment on. We have exhibitor who is showing a dry cow one with a newborn and three cows with calves at foot.
Exhibitor Benscroft Name: Bridgewater Layla ID: BWML83 DOB: 1/10/2015
Calf age on photo date 5 months as at 12/10/20

Comments: good milk, very good calf, plenty of meat excellent body condition not too fat but if not careful may lay fat very easily which could affect milk capacity. She is displaying the ability to be a good milk producer which is reflected in her calf. This cow would be a welcome addition to any herd.

Exhibitor: Sandrian Park Cow Winswood Gianne DOB: 27/08/2016 Calf DOB: 4/12/2019

Comments: A very nice cow showing softness and obviously producing enough milk in very tough conditions. I really like this cow as she displays softness throughout. While lighter in body condition she has proven milking ability which is displayed in her calf.

Exhibitor: Shady Creek Cow Shady Creek Fina ID: SCN M016 DOB: 25/8/2016
Calf Bull calf born 2/10/2020

Comments: A very fresh cow that will come onto her milk, displays good length, stands well on her feet. Even though she is a fresh cow. She has a strong udder that will be able to hold lots of milk when she comes on. For me she has the makings of a being a excellent matron and is displaying great length. I would like, to see her calf at a similar age of the entries above.

Exhibitor: Tulum Gully Michele Smith
Cow Shady Creek Gypsy DOB 27/08/2017

Comments, A dry cow, that stands well on her feet, has excellent length

Exhibitor: Winswood Miniature Herefords Cow Shady Creek Daphne D.O.B. 29/01/14
Calf D.O.B. 1/09/2020

Comments: a cow that appears to have extreme length, producing enough milk, however may be have a very high condition score witch may be a negative trait by putting greater effort in her own maintenance and not in the calf’s growth, may have weakness in feet

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