Class 2, Junior cow with or without own calf calves at foot

Cow: Benscroft Nessa
Calf Age of calf when pic taken 9 Months as at 12/10/20

Exhibitor: PC&LM Gardner, Benscroft, 2547 Murchison HWY, Henrietta TAS
Comments: excellent producer, putting everything into her calf

Cow: Shady Creek Honey
DOB: 7/9/2018

Exhibitor: Dianne & Brian Davey, Shady Creek Miniature Herefords, 155 Nilma Shady Creek Rd
Nilma, 3821
Comments: good top line lighter body condition

Cow D.O.B. 22/08/18

Exhibitor: A Livermore. Winswood Miniature Herefords, 1 Pogues Rd Woodside North Vic 3874
Comments: good muscle looks to be in calf

Once a gain a very strong class of females.
I place the Benscroft entry first due to her proven mothering ability which is reflects by a very sappy calf at foot.
In Second I place the Winswood entry. She displays a good muscling and a strong top line and. Hopefully these traits will come out in her calf.
Taking nothing away from the The Sandy Creek entry unfortunately she was over powered by stronger cattle on the day.

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