Class 4, Heifer calf

Name: Benscroft Rachel
DOB: 9-1-20

Exhibitor: PC&LM Gardner, Benscroft, 2547 Murchison HWY, Henrietta TAS
Comments; Good growth, oldest calf in class

Sandrian Park Royal Deborah Harry
DOB: 14/1/2020

Exhibitor: Sandrian Park SPM,258 Huntingdale Crescent, Placid Hills Queensland 4343
Comments: Showing good growth for the obvious challenging conditions

Shady Creek Heifer
DOB: 27/9/2020 ( 3 weeks old )

Exhibitor; Dianne & Brian Davey, Shady Creek Miniature Herefords,155 Nilma Shady Creek Rd
Nilma, 3821
Comments; Very sappy calf, displaying softness, rear photo doesn’t do legs rear legs justice,

Tulum Gully Carmel
DOB: 21/9/20

Exhibitor: Michelle Smith, Stumpy RD, Balnarring Vic
Comments; Healthy calf, stands and moves well,

An extremely difficult class to pass comment on due to the vast difference in ages, as we have two entries approaching being weened through to, two entries several weeks old.
The Benscroft entry has been placed into first position as she overpowers all of the other entries. She is in excellent condition and showing good conformation.
In second place I found that I was going back to the photos comparing structure, age and type and with lots of flicking back and forth
I have place Tulum Gully Carmel second, due to the rear photo as this entry is displaying sound feet and leg placement.
Third placing goes to Sandrian Park Royal Deborah Harry I just thought that in this set of photos the leg placement may be a little better.
Taking nothing away from Shady Creek she displays excellent type and was most likely lazy when the photo rear was taken

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