Class 4, Heifer calf

Exhibitor: Benscroft Name: Benscroft Rachel DOB: 9-1-20

Comments; Good growth, oldest calf in class she overpowers all of the other entries. She is in excellent condition and showing good conformation.

Exhibitor: Tulum Gully Miniature Herefords Tulum Gully Carmel DOB: 21/9/20

Comments; Healthy calf, stands and moves well,

Exhibiter: Sandrian Park Sandrian Park Royal Deborah Harry DOB: 14/1/2020

Comments: Showing good growth for the obvious challenging conditions

Exhibitor; Shady Creek Miniature Herefords Shady Creek Heifer DOB: 27/9/2020 ( 3 weeks old )

Comments; Very sappy calf, displaying softness, rear photo doesn’t do legs rear legs justice.

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