Class 5, Senior bull 3 years and over

Unfortunately, this class relied heavily on how well the photos told a story. This class of bulls does the breed justice, and each would look good in any homestead paddock.
In first place, I place Shady Creek Foster this bull displays all the correct traits and the photo would make the centre fold of any cow magazine.
Second place goes to Lyndon Lodge Harrison once again this photo is displaying the strong traits of the breed.
I place Third Winswood Henry, this bull displays great length which relates back to yield and in turn to dollars.

Shady Creek Foster
DOB: 17/8/2016

Exhibitor: Dianne & Brian Davey, Shady Creek Miniature Herefords, 155 Nilma Shady Creek Rd
NILMA, 3821
Comments: Well muscled, good stance, good testes,
Exhibitor: Benscroft Miniature Herefords Benscroft Maverick DOB: 23/7/2016

Comments; Over stretched, good muscle, sound feet, good testes

Exhibitor Sandrian Park Lyndon Lodge Harrison DOB: 13/9/2017

Comment: good feet, hard to see Testes, soft, good muscle

Exhibitor: Winswood Miniature Herefords Winswood Henry D.O.B. 20/08/2017

Comments: A long bull, testes compared to other exhibits? Weak in pasterns?

Other Entries
Exhibitor: Apple Gully Name: Boomer Creek Stuart DOB 26/9/15

Comments: Good structure however photo doesn’t assist muscle tone around hip. Good testes, sound feet.

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